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 Welcome to Redcurrant Glass school . Here we offer a full range of courses including fused glass, Stained glass, Glass bead making, Silversmithing, glass jewellery and enamelling.

All classes are run from Redcurrant Glass  new Garden studio located in the heart of Pendle, Lancashire. All classes include qualified tuition, basic materials, use of tools, refreshments and lunch on full day/two day courses. You can book direct on our store page

                  2024 Redcurrant Glass School Courses

Fused Glass For All 10-3pm -£99-January 11th, February 9th, 1st March, 7th April, 4th May, June 8th, July 13th, 24th August, 21st September, 20th October


Fused Glass Taster session 10am-12pm-£40-January 10 th, 1st March, 5th April, 3rd May, 8th June, July 13th, 21st September,20th October, 

Fused Glass Landscapes 10-3pm-£99-June 8th, 25th August, 3rd November

Fused Glass Seascapes  10-3pm-£99-3rd May, 13th October 

Fused Glass Flower Plaques  10-12pm £40- February 14 th, 16th June, 20th September

Glass Mosaic Mirror 10-3pm-£99- 22nd January, 15th April, 15th July, 27th September

Stained Glass Window-2 Day Course 10-3pm - £198- 25/26th January , 3rd /4 th March, 12th/13th May, 22nd/23rd July , 14/15th October

Watercolour Landscapes 10-3pm £99-8 th January, 21st June , 21st September,

15 th November

Fused Glass Jewellery 1-3pm -£50- 10 th March, 30th June, 6 th September

Silver Jewellery course 10-3pm -£99- 18th January, 15 th February, 16 th March,

  18 th May, 29th June, 19 th July, 10 th August, 20 th September, 12 th October,  23rd November, 

Silver Ring Taster 10-12.30pm £40- 18th January, 16 th March, 18th May, 15 th June,

 9 th September, 12th October, 23rd November

Silver clay Jewellery 12.30-3pm  £65- 5th April, 16th July , 27th September

Silver Jewellery Stone Setting 10-3pm £99- 23rd April, 30th July, 6th September

Copper Bangle workshop 1-3pm £40- 5th March, 9 th July, 24th September


Cold Enamelling/Enamelling 10-3pm £99- 19 th March, 13th August, 8th October

Spinner Ring Workshop 12.00-3.30pm - £70- 14 th May, 9 th July, 20th August, 30th November

Glass Beadmaking 10-12pm-£40- 16th March, 14th May, 13th July , 25 th August,

 17 th December 

Fossil Vitra- leaves in Glass 10-3pm-£99- 19 th February ,14 th May, 18 th June ,19 th November 

Fused Glass Casting 10-3pm-£99- 9th April , 5th August 

Acid Etching on Dichroic Glass 10-12pm -£50- 6 th August

Copper foil flowers and more 10-12pm -£40-15 th January, 11 th March, 3rd June, 26th August

Fused Glass Powder Printing/ Eglomise on Glass 2 Day Course -10-3pm - £198-12th/13th August 


Fused Glass Christmas Decorations 1-3pm-£40 -10th/15th November, 15 th December

Fused Glass Christmas Wreaths 10-12pm-£40- 22nd November, 8 th December

Fused Glass Bowls 10am-3pm- £99 -8 th February, 12th August

Fused Glass sushi set 10am-12pm- £40- 26 th April

Fused Glass Weaving 10am-3pm-£99- 9th August

Fused Glass Large splash back 10am-3pm -£198 - 29th April

To book visit my online shop page where you will find further course details or call                                                                             07790541659 


               We also offer a range of 5 week courses which run on a weekly basis.


                                                5 week Courses as follows-


                                 Silver Course-Thursday- 1-3 pm- weekly/ evenings 6-8pm


                                            Silver Course-Saturdays- 1-3 pm- Monthly


                                         Glass Mosaic 1-3pm-weekly Wednesday


                                      Stained  Glass 10am-12pm- weekly Thursday


                                  Fused Glass 1-3pm- weekly Fridays/ evenings 6-8pm


                              Watercolours for beginners - 10-12pm- weekly Tuesday


                              Fused Glass -10am-12pm- this date is Monthly Saturdays


                                                Just £99 per course, plus materials


                                  you can now join anytime, subject to availability

                                                 some courses have a waiting list...

                                        We also run a selection of evening classes 

                                        All classes are bookable on our shop page...

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